"ROYAL GUARDIANS" freeze his recruitment until we aquired SEC # 200801467 last of April 2008. recruitment was resumed last June.
    "HALBERDIERS or ROYAL GUARDIANS" is aligned to all GUARDIANS, represent by our tattoo mark on our right hand.
    "HALBERDIERS ROYAL GUARDIANS" is an independent and not under by any organization, represent by our tattoo mark on our left hand.
    unlike in other organization, they are destroying their own brothers, because of selft interest. in ROYAL GUARDIANS, we are strict to adopt every meaning of the word "ROYAL". to avoid disloyalty,disrespect,and disobedience.
    Love God is our priority, second is Family, third is work, Organization is only fourth priority. DO NOT reverse this structure for ROYAL GUARDIANS IS FOR PEACE AND PROSPERITY.
    ROYAL GUARDIANS will not send money to any Organization in Manila, but our monthly dues stay here in K.S.A.,on each particular chapter aiming to help members and family,and to help Filipino people and community,respect KINGDOM of SAUDI ARABIA LAW and support the PHILPIPINES  EMBASSY and POLO/OWWA OFFICERS,that the organization simple objective: SERVICE TROUGH STRONG BROTHERHOOD.